Kyoko Sone Does It Again at The Parlor

The Northwest Women's Pool Association held their final stop of the season the weekend of October 13-14, 2007, at The Parlor in Bellevue, Washington. The verdict is finally in – Kyoko Sone ended the NWPA season as the tour champion with a total of 1000 points – there was noone that could catch her when it was all said and done.

Although Sone did not play as well at this event as in the past tournaments, she established and maintained control throughout the weekend. With her strong safety play, let alone the fact that she has taken four of the last five events, she proved to the other players as well as the spectators that she deserved respect for her superior play.

Throughout the season, Linda Carter continued to nip at Sone's heels, but in this final tournament, Carter was powerless as she was knocked out early on in the event. For several stops now, Carter has been lurking behind Sone in the player rankings as well, but with this unfortunate ending, it may have caused her to fall an additional slot in the points to none other than the one individual that was able to win the tour stop that Sone did not in the season, Liz Cole.

We saw Liz Cole and one of the women that Kyoko Sone travels with, Yuko Kudaka, in the semi-finals round. Cole dominated that match with a score of 7-2, and moved on to face Sone in the finals. The final round was one race to nine, and was much closer with a score of 9-6, Sone on top.

Special thanks to The Parlor for their continued support and to Tamre Rogers for her dedication to the tour. If you would like to find out more about the NWPA, you can do so at the website