Ladies Only For 14.1 Qualifier at Amsterdam Billiards

New York, New York - Women 14.1 players and female fans of the game will have their shot to play in the premiere tournament of straight pool. Amsterdam Billiards will be hosting the ladies only tournament this weekend, Saturday July 14th. The winning ladies will get their chance to match up against legends such as Efren Reyes, Thorsten Hohmann, Johnny Archer, Mika Immonen, John Schmidt and many more during the Predator World Tournament of 14.1.

The ladies will race to 100 points in a double elimination format. Winner of the event will get a free entry and spot into the main round robin where she will play a guaranteed 7 matches. If the qualifier draws 7 ladies or more, the top 2 winners will both get free entries.

"Amsterdam Billiards loves supporting the women and also straight pool. The World Tournament of 14.1 is a terrific event and great for the industry and New York City!", said Greg Hunt, owner of Amsterdam Billiard Club. Amsterdam Billiards will also be hosting a open 14.1 qualifier the following weekend on July 21st-22nd. Amsterdam Billiards is also the Official Poolroom Sponsor of the Predator World Tournament.

Amsterdam Billiard Club has been one of the most famous and prestigious poolrooms in the history of pool for over 22 years. It has hosted many celebrities and been the home of billiard stars for decades. It's 11,000 sq ft. location has a full bar, serves food, and caters to dart players, pool leagues, and world champions. It is located at 110 East 11th Street New York, NY 10003-5302 (212) 995-0333 visit www.