The 2nd Annual Kentucky State 9-Ball Championship was held at the Rack and Cue in Campbellsville, KY on April 3-4.  The event was hosted by the state's top promoter David Whitlock and his wife Stephanie.

Thirty players from around Kentucky including such notables as David Rice, Russ Edwards, Eddie Adams, Robert Frost, Rob Ganote, the McDonald brothers, and Landon Shuffett, gathered with their eyes on a beautiful 6-foot trophy that would represent Kentucky's best for 2010.

Of the 16 players that survived day 1, Rice, Shuffett, and Ganote were in good position to make their charge for the state title.  Rice took Shuffett 9-8, sending the 15 year-old to the left side.  Randy McDonald, in a very strong showing, handed Ganote his first loss.  Rice and McDonald met for the hot seat match with Rice prevailing 9-3.

In the meantime on the losers' side “The Snowman” Robert Frost was making his charge with 4 consecutive wins.  A huge turning point in the event occurred when Shuffett rebounded from a 6-2 deficit against Frost, taking a 7-6 win.  That win propelled Shuffett past Bruce Lutrell and McDonald for the finals rematch with Rice where Shuffett would have to defeat Rice twice.

In the first match Shuffett gained early momentum with a run of 4 racks, and then cruised to a 9-2 win setting up the final match for the state title.  Rice jumped out 2-0.  Shuffett tied the match at 2-2.  In game 6 Rice played a great safe, only to see Shuffett execute a perfect kick resulting in a run-out and a score of 3-3.  Shuffett took command from there, winning the championship match 9-4.

Along with the title and the trophy, Shuffett collected $1050 of the $4075 that was available for the top 6 finishers.

1st—Landon Shuffett ($1050)

2nd—David Rice

3rd—Randy McDonald

4th—Bruce Lutrell

5th—Robert Frost

6th—Gerald Russell