Lapena wins Primetime Hampton Ridge Stop

Primetime Billiards hosted the Hampton Ridge 9 ball tour's 4th stop this weekend. Special thanks to Adam and the staff of Primetime.

28 players made the trip to gain tour points and to qualify to play in the (N.U.T.S.) coming this fall. Top players that came to play were Danny "Kid Delicious" Basavich, Al Lapena, Lee Holt, Joe Frady, Kim Shaw, Tiffany Nelson, Joseph Testa, Gerard Soriano, Pat McNally and Matt Krah.

Leading the way on the top half of the winners side was Al Lapena with wins over Dan Cee 7-3, Wali Muhammad 7-1, Mike Delvecchio 7-4 and Kim Shaw 7-3.

Leading the way on the bottom half of the bracket was Danny "Kid Delicious" Basavich with wins over Ryan Duttkin 7-2, Lee Holt 7-4 and Joseph Testa 7-2.

This set up a match between Lapena Vs Basavich for the hot seat. Lapena jumped to a 6-0 lead, before Danny started to come back. All Danny could get to was 4 giving Lapena a 7-4 win and sending Basavich to the one loss side.

The big story was the points leader Lee Holt. After losing to Danny Basavich 7-4, Holt went on a winning streak with wins over Mario Sahatjian 7-4, Tiffany Nelson 7-4, Joe Scott 7-3, Gerard Soriano 7-4, Kim Shaw 7-2 and Joe Frady 7-6. Holt then got a rematch against Danny Basavich in a match that went hill hill. Danny made a mistake and gave Lee ball in hand with two balls left on the table, Lee won the match 7-6. This sent Holt to the finals for the 3rd time in a row.

In the finals, it was Al Lapena Vs Lee Holt in one of the best matches I have ever seen. Lapena jumped out to a 5-0 lead but Holt came right back winning the next 5 games making the score 5-5. The rest of the match went back and forth with no one with an advantage. The match ended up tied at 8-8 with both players on hill. Lapena made the first mistake scratching while making the one ball giving Holt ball in hand. Holt made the next mistake, with ball in hand Holt rolls the cue ball down table making the two ball but getting straight on the three ball. Holt makes the three ball but now has to play a safe which he did well but Lapena made a match winning jump shot, hitting the four ball and making the five ball. From there Lapena had a wide open table and ran out the rack winning the match 9-8. WPBA star Kim Shaw had a great tournament with a 5th place finish.

1st Al Lapena
2nd Lee Holt
3rd Danny Basavich
4th Joe Frady
5th/6th Kim Shaw, Joseph Testa
7th/8th Gerard Soriano, Pat McNally