Larry Pittman Takes Top Honors at Dot’s Cue Club

The Second Annual Big Money Ring Game at Dot's Cue Club in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, on February 2, 2008, turned out to prove pool is still alive and kicking in the area. Included in the day's activities were local favorites Larry Pittman and Phillip Richardson, as well as professional player Mike Davis (Fayetteville, NC), Eric Moore (Virginia Beach, VA), Earl Sharp (Nashville, TN), Sydney Champ (Goldsboro, NC), Younger Chapman (Goldsboro, NC), and Charles Jones.

The room was filled with excitement from the players and spectators and featured several new faces to the event. Many spectators were unable to make it into the bleachers and back room, instead settling for watching from the doorway, the windows, and the main room watching the activities on the television. As you would imagine with this kind of enthusiasm, each rack played provided the railbirds an eye full of true skill and ability from these players.

By the end of the day, the final four players were set-up on a quad-shimmed table to battle it out for the pride of the win and first place prize of $1400. These four included Larry Pittman, Phillip Richardson, Earl Sharp, and Eric Moore. The demonstration continued when Sharp and Moore were eliminated at the same time, with Richardson barely escaping the three way out as he was only one chip ahead of Sharp and Moore. This pushed Pittman and Richardson into the final two spots. Overall, Pittman was sitting in a great place – he had the advantage with six chips at the beginning of the final few rounds to Richardson's one chip. After only two racks, Pittman came out victorious.

Dot's Cue Club would like to thank all who that attended including players and spectators alike for making this one of the best events yet; and a phenomenal room crew of Julie Sutton, Lisa Outlaw and Brian Jenkins for taking care of everyone and holding down the fort during this event.

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