Laurel Highlands TAP Titleholder in Derry PA June 1-3

  Laurel Highlands TAP will be hosting their annual spring Titleholder with an expected 55 teams coming in from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Ohio. The event will be held at the Cooperstown Vets in Derry, Pa. more commonly known locally as "The Coop." This event has been the largest pool tournament in Western Pa. for over a decade.
    For the first time ever, to celebrate LH TAP's 15 year anniversary, we will be sending out a live video feed of matches starting at 6 pm on Friday, June 1 and running thru to the Sunday semi and final rounds. The web cam feed is planned as becoming a mainstay at all of our future Titleholder events. You can catch the action on the LH TAP U Stream link....

   Also being introduced is a flat screen monitor computer hookup with up to date results posted after each round as well as pairings, scheduled U Stream matches, time and table assignments. This link can be found on the leagues web site at under the "Titleholder On Site" link on the home page.

     There will also be an early bird mini tourney on Friday starting at 1 PM. For the first time, any APA players wanting to come in and see what TAP is about, LH TAP is allowing them entry into this mini at one under their current league handicap. For all of the Western Pa. pool players that want to catch the action, please stop in and say hello. To those former LH TAP members that have relocated  out of the area or are in the military and you want to watch some of your friends, family members or former teams compete, please check us out on U Stream this weekend. TAP on!