Lee and Villarreal falter in Albuquerque

Tracie Hines became the newest touring pro

As day two at the WPBA US Open winds to a close, the winners side has narrowed to just eight players. The top two players on tour, Allison Fisher and Karen Corr, are still unbeaten but #3 ranked Jeanette Lee dropped a 9-5 decison to Ga-Young Kim and will have to fight through the one-loss side on Saturday. #5 ranked Vivian Villarreal also found herself on the one-loss side after a 9-8 loss to Ming Ng

Kelly Fisher is still unbeaten after a 9-5 win over Jennifer Chen. Fisher will face Corr on Saturday.

On the one-loss side, Canadian Classic champion Julie Kelly lost a 9-4 match to Ellen Van Buren and was eliminated in 33rd place. Also finishing in 33rd place was Laura Smith who lost to Tracie Hines. With the win, Hines earned her 4th pro point and became the newest WPBA touring pro.

Complete brackets for this event are available online at the WPBA website.