Lee Breaks In On Gulf Coast Tour

Michelle Yim and Belinda Lee
Houston semi-pro pool player Belinda Lee captured her first-ever billiard title on March 9th, 2014, when Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas hosted the second stop on the WPBA sanctioned, Gulf Coast Women’s Regional 9-ball Tour. Each contesting for their first title, Lee overcame Michelle Yim in the true, double elimination final. Yim closed out the first set, 7-4, but a resilient Lee forged ahead to win the second set, and capture her first title, 7-4.
Following Sunday’s player meeting, match play commenced at noon for the one-day, Gulf Coast tour 9-ball event. Players aspiring to reach the pinnacle of female billiard competition (WPBA) turned out to compete for regional tour ranking points, and others, for the sheer opportunity to fine tune their games against some of Texas’ best, female pool talent. 
Winners’ side action saw Belinda Lee surge to the hot seat with wins over Mercedes Vasquez, 7-5, Bonnie Mason, 7-5, and Tiffany Mundie, 7-4. Michelle Yim blazed her own trail, upsetting Ming Ng, 7-5, and besting Loretta Lindgren, 7-5, to meet Lee for the hot seat. After suffering an early loss to Lindgren, Teresa Garland came through the one loss side eliminating Nellie Allen and Mundie. After a first round loss to Garland, Sara Bork eliminated Mason, 7-4, but fell to Lindgren, 7-2. Meanwhile, on the east side, Lee overcame Yim for the hot seat, 7-5. On the west side, Lindgren defeated Garland, but fell to Yim, leaving her a respectable third place finish. The finals between Lee and Yim were anything but boring. After losing the hot seat, it was time for Yim to dole out some justice. During the first set, Lee felt the bitter sting of defeat, but only for a brief time. After a quick break, both ladies teed off in overtime. Lee was refreshed, more focused, with her eyes on the prize. She overcame Yim in the final set, 7-4, and was overwhelmed with the emotion that comes with every player’s first tournament win.
The Gulf Coast tour would like to thank its official rack sponsor, Delta-13, www.delta-13.com, and official league sponsor, the APA of North Harris County, www.facebook.com/apanorthharriscounty. For more information on the Gulf Coast Women’s Regional Tour, visit www.facebook.com/gulfcoasttour.