Lee Brett’s The Secret Art of Pool Sits #1 on Amazon.com

Published in November 11, 2011, Lee Brett's The Secret Art of Pool is an instructional book that encompasses the detailed steps on how to execute the innovative techniques that he's implemented in coaching pool players to world champion status. Brett has now made his book available on Kindle through Amazon.com. Two days after his Kindle version release, Brett's book has soared to the number one best seller position and has continued to remain in the coveted spot.

Detailing many of the innovative pool techniques that Brett has developed, The Secret Art of Pool is rich with instructional information that improves a player's all-around fundamentals and therefore effectiveness at the game. The topics covered in Brett's book are:

  • Sighting/Aiming
  • Stance/Alignment
  • Bridgehand/Arm
  • Backstroke/Pause
  • One-to-five pre-shot routine
  • V Grip
  • Inside-outside the box
  • Follow through and finish

Each of the techniques is clearly conveyed through a series of in-depth step-by-step explanations with accompanying diagrams. 

World class trick shot artist Mike Massey has given high regard to Brett's knowledge, “When I started reading Lee's book one of the first things I noticed was the way he explained the importance of standing a few feet away from the table and aligning your body properly before stepping into the shot.

This is one of the most important things I teach and I've learned a new way to explain it after reading his book.

Lee has a lot of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the game and has helped some of the top players improve. 

Although I haven't known him very long I would highly recommend him especially for the advanced players that need to play more consistently.”

With an abundance of instructional pool books currently available on the market, Brett was compelled to write this book after the urging of many people. He explained, “After spending many years as both an active player and as an instructor to players who went on to achieve elite world championship levels, my results had lead many people to ask me to comprehensively put this information in an instructional tool. From there, the idea to write a book was born.”

To complement The Secret Art of Pool, Brett is in the final editing stages of his soon-to-be released instructional DVD that gives visual references to many of the fundamentals that are covered in the book. In addition, Brett has added his Unique Aiming Systems section on the DVD.

About Lee Brett:

Hailing from England, Brett is a successful champion snooker player. Splitting his time between coaching and competing, Brett has now made the move across the waters to North America where he continues to embark on a career as an instructor, coach, author and player. He currently aims to become a national coach and the Mosconi Cup captain.