Legends and Champions Pool Tour Pro-Challenge


The Legends and Champions pool Tour will be continuing their great relationship with Drifters Pool Room in Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday February 8th, 9th and 10th for the first ever Legends and Champions Pro-Challenge.
"This concept has been very well received by all the pool rooms I have spoken to and from the feedback I am getting a tremendous response by the local pool communities" said Mark Cantrill of the Legends and Champions Pool Tour.
Drifters Pool Room will be holding 4 qualifiers between now and the weekend of february 8th. One qualifier for each of the following 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 14.1 and one pocket. The winner of each qualifier will become part of "Team Drifters" and will play a set of that game against Nick Varner on the weekend of the event and try to bring home a win for "Team Drifters". There will be trophys and prizes for all the players in this event along with possible bragging rights IF the challengers beat 8 time World Champion Nick Varner and remembering that the Kentucky Colonel holds a World title in each of these events Team Drifters are going to have their hands full.
Here is the schedule for the qualifiers at Drifters.
 Jan 26 (One Pocket and 8-ball)
 Jan 27 (9-ball) and Feb 2 (14.1).  Please feel free to call Drifters for any other information you may need at 402-261-3617.
The Schedule for the Legends and Champions Pro-Challenge is as follows.
Feb 8 – 7:00 Short Exhibition and story telling, ending with Scotch Doubles Nick & B vs Selected Champs 8-ball Race to 5
Feb 9 – Noon Nick vs 9-ball champ race to 15 followed by Nick vs 14.1 champ to 100
Feb 10 – Noon Nick vs 1-pocket champ race to 7 followed by Nick vs 8-ball champ race to 9

This promises to be a fun weekend with some local team spirit thrown in. We cannot do these events without the help of our sponsors. Who always come through for us. So a VERY BIG and special thank you to Drifters pool Room who make this happen at the ground level and are constantly going above and beyond the call for the Lincoln and Omaha Pool community. Airart1 who give me everything they got not just financially but in all areas and all around great guys. A new sponsor to us is Carpets Direct who we are very happy to have on board and hope to see more of them in the future. Another constant supporter of our events who also is there for us no matter what Tacticalchalker.com. Without these guys these events just do not happen so THANK YOU one more time.