Legends & Champions Visit the Mile High City to Raise Money for BEF Juniors


The Legends & Champions Pool Tour treats Colorado billiard fans to a unique engagement, courtesy of Str8 Shots. The tour brings eight-time world champion and hall-of-famer Nick Varner and two-time world, U.S. Open, and Mosconi Cup champion Darren Appleton to the mile high city for a four-day extravaganza dedicated to raising money for the juniors of the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF).

The event kicks off in Colorado Springs Wednesday and Thursday, March 20 & 21 with an exhibition and private clinic at Antiques Billiard Museum. On Friday and Saturday, March 22 & 23, the pros head to Felt Billiards in Englewood for another clinic and exhibition. Challenge games, meet-n-greet, and a Local Favs vs. World Champs matchup is also planned for Saturday, March 23. March 21 & 22 clinics are $200/student and limited spots are still available. March 20 & 23 events are free of charge and open to everyone.

Participants will have a chance to win prizes from now until March 23, including autographed memorabilia, pool cues, and three lucky winners will also win spots to attend the exclusive clinics. Proceeds from all prize drawings will go to the BEF.

Visit www.Str8-Shots.com for the event flyer, complete details & schedule, or to sign up for the private clinics.

 “Str8 Shots has been, and always will be, committed to providing youth with as many opportunities as possible to achieve the goals they have set for themselves within this industry. We support the BEF because it encourages them to stay focused on their education while still pursuing their dreams of becoming professional billiard players,” said Marc and Kimberly Griffiths, owners of Str8 Shots.

Varner, a former junior champion himself, added, "It's awesome to be able to give something back to the game we all love. I encourage all Pro-Players to get involved with the BEF when possible. The Junior players are the future of the game but a good education will always be the most important. The BEF are doing a great job of promoting both sides and I am very happy to be involved."