Leslie Leads at Legend’s

Tara McCracken (2nd), Heather Pulford (3rd) and Leslie Anne Rogers (1st)

With $2,250 added to the 6th stop of the Hunter Classics Amateur Tour, no wonder 57 women came to fight for the money! $2,000 was added by Mindy Cohen of Legend's Billiards who received a beautiful Hunter Classics Custom Cue (the tour's main sponsor for 12 years!) that was raffled off right before the finals. The extra $250 was added by the owners of the new OB-1 Cue Shaft (read info about this new awesome cue shaft here).

Although there were many new faces in attendance, no new faces were left in the final 8, three of which were vying for the 2006 WPBA Qualifier. Tara McCracken and Leslie Anne Rogers, both regulars on the WPBA Tour, were still on the winner's side and each had to play a board member on Sunday morning. Leslie Anne dispatched Melinda Hinojosa to the left side with a score of 7-3 and Tara dispatched Julie Stephenson with a score of 7-1. Heather Pulford, currently second in the rankings on the Hunter Classics Tour, was doing damage on the one-lose side. Just on Sunday, she defeated Teresa Bordelon, Tasha Salandanan, Melinda Hinojosa and Julie Stephenson with a combined total score of 28-8! Tara McCracken was sent to the one loss side by Leslie Anne with a score of 7-3 to meet Heather for the semi-final match. Tara was able to halt Heather's streak 7-4 to set up a rematch with Leslie Anne for the finals.

Leslie Anne and Tara mostly traded games back and forth in the final match - neither one was really out-shooting the other, which made it a very good match for the spectators. It was 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and 4-4. When the score was 5-4 Leslie Anne, Leslie Ann shot a tough cut on the 9-ball in the corner..although she made the 9, she also scratched, making it 5-5. Then Tara was on a break and run when she missed the 6 ball in the corner, Leslie Anne ran out making it 6-5, then Leslie Anne made the 9 on the break giving her the win at 7-5, plus the 2006 Qualifier, plus $750 for first place.

Thanks to Mindy of Legend's Billiards, Royce and Don of the OB-1 Cue Shaft, and Wes Hunter for their support! See everyone next month for the $2,250 added, 2006 WPBA Qualifier, and 7th stop of the season in Brenham, TX at Legend's Billiards and Grill September 24-25.

1st Leslie Anne Rogers $750 plus 2006 wpba qualifier
2nd Tara McCracken $610
3rd Heather Pulford $465
4th Julie Stephenson $320
5th/6th Melinda Hinojosa and Jennifer Kraber $200
7th/8th Brandi Pavlicek and Tasha Salandanan $145
9th/12th Kim Mills, Amanda Lampert, Belinda Lee and Teresa Bordelon $90

The Second Chance tournament:
5th/6th - Michele Nelson and Kathy Knuth - $10 each
4th - Jillian Valles - $25
3rd - Helen Hayes - $50
2nd - Snowy Belt (highest finish) - $85
1st - Michelle Cortez (newlywed) - $130 (Michelle had to double-dip Snowy and she did 5-3, then 4-0.

Photo courtesy of Melinda Hinojosa