Libby goes undefeated on Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball series

Greg Libby got by Stan Rupard twice – once, in the hot seat match and again, in the finals – to take home top honors in the Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball series stop on Sunday, October 16. The $300-added event drew 16 entrants to Sebago Billiards in Windham, ME.

Libby and Rupard allowed only rack against them combined in the winners' side final four battles. Rupard gave up none in his match versus Garry Colombie, while Libby gave up the one in his victory over Nick Conner. In their first of two, Libby gained the hot seat 6-3.

Colmbie moved over to face Gareth Steele, who'd defeated Ernest Porell 7-2 and Mike Barbagallo double hill to reach him. Conner's first match on the loss-side was against Lee Laducer, who'd gotten by Josh Rupard double hill and downed Mark Small 6-1. 

Conner shut out Laducer 7-0 to advance to the quarterfinals, where he was joined by Steele, who'd defeated Colmbie 9-2. Steele dropped Conner into fourth place 7-2, but was victimized in the semifinals by a handicap, which gave Rupard the victory at a 4-4 actual tie.

Rupard turned back to face Libby a second time. Libby gave up one less rack in the finals than he had in the hot seat, defeating Rupard 6-2 to capture the top prize.