Linda Fargo Named TAP League Operator of the Month

Linda Fargo has been honored as the TAP League Operator of the Month. Linda's road less traveled to get to this point in her life is rather unique so we will let her tell it in her own words:

"I was reintroduced to the sport of billiards in 1996 by my now husband of 15 years, John Fargo. At that time I was a single Mom with two teenagers. John was a Firefighter for the City of New London, CT, an active partner of the local pool room, Crown Billiards and also a single Dad. John convinced me I should play 8 Ball for the "other" league as a diversion from my job working with adults with disabilities in a Community Experience Program. Although, not a skilled competitor I loved the game and with John and his partners at Crown Billiards I integrated the sport into the CEP activities for my consumers.  Wheelchairs, tremors, attention deficits and other disabilities didn't matter at the table with the holes in the corners! Many enjoyable hours were spent teaching the basic concepts of the game to some pretty special people.

In 1997 John and I married at the Billiard Industry Trade Show, Las Vegas in the Brunswick Billiards Booth at the head of the beautiful Gold Crown IV prototype they were introducing that year.  What an amazing experience to have Jimmy Caras and Ewa Laurance attend our little wedding ceremony! This was the beginning of our life together as a family and our partnership to promote the game of Pool. I began learning the pool room business and quickly put my Retail Merchandising degree to use rebuilding a Pro-shop and introduced an instructional Youth League. John and I continued to Host and play in National League systems, but always felt something could be better! In 2003 we started our own 9 Ball League with what we felt was an inadequate handicapping system and mediocre results.

At Super Billiards Expo 2005 we walked into the TAP "Rally in the Valley" venue.  We met a "dapper" man with a southern drawl and a lot of enthusiasm about his product, TAP, which he deemed was the best "leg" system  available across the USA and Canada! Took a while for my northern ear to adjust to the southern drawl, but he hooked me! 2006 was the beginning of Gold Crown TAP in Connecticut.

After many attempts I have finally chipped into the other league's stronghold of New England travel league play. With corporate advice, Licensee networking, my husband John as a player/Tournament Director and my dedicated and happy In-house Division members' word is spreading along the CT shoreline that there is a league for the player and it is called Gold Crown TAP! We may not be the BIGGEST yet, but we will be the BEST game in Connecticut, across the USA and Canada! It is wonderful to be affiliated with individuals that are dedicated to promoting the game of pool for what it is meant to be. About the players and their love of the game!"

An AZB tip of the hat to Linda Fargo!