Lindenwood Taps World Renowned Billiard Instructor to Coach New Program

Director of Student Life Sports Tim Canavan has announced the hiring of Mark Wilson as head coach for the new Lindenwood University billiards program, which will begin competition during the fall semester.  Wilson has been a billiards instructor and coach for over 35 years and as a professional player, has been ranked in the top 25 in the World. 

“We couldn't be more excited to have Mark Wilson to lead our billiards program,” Canavan said about the hire.  “His extensive experience and deep character makes for a perfect fit and he will be a great addition to lead one of our latest student life sports.” 

Wilson is a five-time Wisconsin State Billiard Champion and three-time Illinois State Billiard Champion. He has served as a billiard commentator for ESPN, Fox Sports and Accu-Stats Video, and has been a columnist for Billiards Digest.  He has also coached many of the sport's top players including Jeanette Lee, Ewa Laurance, Sarah Rousey, Gerda Hofstetter, and Karen Corr.  

Wilson is looking forward to building the program.  “One of the most compelling things about Lindenwood is that it's a first rate institution, a hidden gem,” he commented. “To be associated with something like that is a nice platform from which to teach billiards.”

Lindenwood plans to attract some of the best collegiate players in the country by offering scholarships in the sport, becoming only the second university aside from the University of Akron (Ohio) to do so.  

For information about the new billiards program at Lindenwood University or to learn more about scholarship opportunities, contact Lauren Nystrom at 636-949-4942.