Lindenwood University Students Victorious at 74th ACUI Collegiate Nationals

Landon Shuffett (photo courtesy of Ben Litvak)
The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) held its 74th collegiate national billiards championships at Virginia Tech on May 30-31, 2014.  Past ACUI winners include touring professionals Nick Varner, Max Eberle, Adam Smith, and Eleanor Callado.
Students qualified for the 2014 Championships by placing in the top 25% of a number of qualifying tournaments across the U.S. between October and April.  ACUI invited 79 men and 25 women; 51 men and 16 women registered and played at Virginia Tech.
Men’s Final Results (top 25%)
1st Landon Shuffett, Lindenwood University
2nd David Anderson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
3rd Sharik Sayed, Lindenwood University
4th Neight Mindham, University of Wisconsin
5th-6th Lee Nathanson, University of Maryland, College Park
Awais Hussain, Harvard University
7th-8th Sean Sommers, Lindenwood University
Logan Brummitt, UNC Charlotte
9th-12th Carter Herrmann, California State University, Sacramento
Bryson Bonham, Virginia Tech
Jaydan Hergott, Lindenwood University
Will Hill, East Texas Baptist University
Women’s Final Results (top 25%)
1st Briana Miller, Lindenwood University
2nd Annie Nord, Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine
3rd Jackie Sanchez, Florida State University College of Medicine
4th Giovanni Aviles, University of Illinois at Chicago
ACUI wishes to thank the staff of Virginia Tech for their outstanding support for this year’s event.  The organization is currently seeking hosts for sectional and independent qualifying tournaments in the 2014-2015 season, as well as a national host for next summer’s 2015 Table Tennis and 9-ball Championships.  For more information, please visit