Lipsky Upsets Cohen: Hohmann Runs 134 and Out

Schmidt will have to pull his pants up and get ready for war against Immonen tomorrow
Lipsky Upsets Cohen: Hohmann Runs 134 & Out

New Brunswick, New Jersey- Local New Yorker Steve Lipsky had one of his biggest matches of his career as he took down former World 14.1 Champion Stephan Cohen of France. The quiet spoken lefty kept the pressure on Cohen throughout the match and got a big ovation from the predominantly New Jersey and New York fans.
Thorsten Hohmann cruised past Amsterdam Billiards Qualifier Danny Mastermaker with a finale 134 ball run and out. He now holds the event high run thus far. Bill Austin of Utah is awarding $1000 to the player with the highest run.
In an exciting match, Mika Immonen led John Schmidt 140 to 12, when Schmidt went on a 124 ball run. Schmidt took the lead back but missed an easy side pocket shot. Immonen then ran the set out in a very high calibre match. This match was considered by many to be something to see for a semi-finals or finals, so fans will be disappointed to see Schmidt go so early. Immonen now faces Johnny Archer in the round of 16.

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