“Little” Gilbert Repeats in SA

Gilbert Martinez hit the green cloth and took the green cash at the eighth stop on the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour at the Fast Eddie's on N. W. Military in San Antonio on September 19-21. This event was moved from the Babcock location due to the expected size of the crowd. Gilbert is the first player this year to win two events on the year long Tour.

Seventy-one players congregated in two divisions in the Alamo City to do battle with the sticks and stones. The action, again, was fast and furious with the talent running deep into the field. The top picks were Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant, Robert Almaraz, Gilbert Martinez, David Henson, John Hager, Javier Franco, Rigo Pena, James Davis Sr.and Dave Faver.

Apparently, Jeremy Jones, a Tour favorite, decided to go where the action wasn't so tough, and try his hand at that little tournament up in the Northeast called the U. S. Open 9 Ball Championships. FIRST PLACE! THE TEXAS BOY DID IT! WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU! CONGRATULATIONS, JEREMY!

Buddy Chilton, ex-Texan and former table mechanic and woodworker supreme of the Billiard Factory of San Antonio, had a nice showing at the U. S. Open by winning his first two matches. A big Congrats to you, Buddy!

In our tournament, finishing in the ninth - twelfth positions were Robert Almaraz, Denis Strickland, James Davis Jr. and Candy Ramos.

In the seventh - eighth placements were Eduardo Ramirez of San Antonio and James "Bastrop" Davis Sr. of Austin. Good showing!

Fifth - sixth went to the two consistent money makers, David Henson of Pflugerville and Robert Clark of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The young scrapper, Sylver Ochoa of McAllen, started his run with victories over Norm Small, Javier Franco, Candy Ramos when he ran into Charlie Bryant, who sent him to the one loss side. Sylver eliminated Denis Strickland, James Davis Sr. And Robert Clark before, again, succumbing to Charlie Bryant for a very nice fourth place finish.

Charlie "Hillbilly" Bryant, the top pick and recent winner of major tournaments in New Braunfels and Tyler, had wins over Chris Gunn, Steve Espinosa, Bobby Brown, and Sylver Ochoa when his march was stopped by John Hager, 9-4. In the brutal bracket, Charlie vanquished David Henson and Sylver Ochoa before being sent to the bleachers by John Hager, 7-5, for a very respectable third place finish.

John Hager of San Antonio has spent most of the last year dedicated to developing his own business and not playing much pool. Being a natural player, lack of time on the table didn't show as John upset Wayne Richards, Michael Coyle, Michael Alonzo, James Davis Jr. and Charlie Bryant before Gilbert sent him to the other side in the finals of the winner's bracket. Once there, John defeated Charlie Bryant to again meet Gilbert in the finals.

The always good natured "Little" Gilbert Martinez of Austin took the short route to the hot seat with wins over Tony Oliva, Jeff Haskin, Bill Fuller, Eduardo Ramirez, Robert Clark and John Hager. With John coming out of the brutal bracket, this was going to be an exciting rematch in the finals.

With Gilbert leading 5-3, he scratched off a long cut on the 5 ball and let John back in to the match. At 8-6, John's favor and looking like a two set final, Gilbert tied it up at 8-8. What better way to finish an exciting event as Gilbert made it "On the Snap" to win the match! Congratulations to both these great Competitors!

A fine pat on the back to Javier Franco in his victory over Bobby Brown in the second chance tournament on Sunday.

Thank you goes out to Tommy Wells (Regional Manager-Fast Eddie's), Jo Ann (GM-N.W. Military and their staff for hosting the event at the last minute and a Special Thanks to Mark "Big Lew" Lewis for having faith in us.

See you all next month at McAllen! GET QUALIFIED FOR THE SEASON FINALE!

Total Payouts 1st Gilbert Martinez $3100
2nd John Hager $2125
3rd Charlie Bryant $1475
4th Sylver Ochoa $985
5th/6th David Henson, Robert Clark $475
7th/8th James Davis Sr., Eduardo Ramirez $150
9th/12th James Davis Jr., Candy Ramos, Denis Strickland, Robert Almaraz $75