Little wins fourth straight Houston Open (Ladies); Chau double dips Werren to take Open title

For the fourth year in a row, Melissa Little took the Ladies title at the Houston Open. This time, on the weekend of September 28-29, she went undefeated and did not, for the first time in three attempts, have to face Amanda Lampert in the finals. Belinda Lee faced her twice; from among the winners' side final four and in the finals of the $500-added event that drew 24 entrants to Legends Billiards in League City, TX.
Manny Chau picked up the victory in the $5,000-added Open event (in which Little competed, as well) that drew 124 entrants to the 23rd edition of the Houston Open, which has occasionally been held more than once in a calendar year. Chau had to come from the loss side to defeat hot seat occupant, Patrick Werren.
Once she had defeated Belinda Lee, Little moved into the winners' side final against Michelle Yim, who'd defeated Teresa Garland. Little got into the hot seat with a 7-4 victory over Yim and waited for what turned out to be the return of Lee. 
Lee began her loss-side march back to the finals with a victory over Gail Eaton, and in the quarterfinals, defeated Renee Benton. A double hill win over Yim in the semifinals gave Lee a second shot at Little. Little, though, completed her undefeated run through the field with a 7-4 win to claim her fourth straight US Open title.
In the Open event, Chau and Werren met at the tables for the first time in the finals. Chau had been sent west by Sylver Ochoa 9-6 from among the winners' side final four, as Werren got by James Davis, Sr. 9-5. Werren took the hot seat match 9-5 and waited on Chau.
First up for Chau on the loss side was Jonathan Macias, who'd defeated Shawn Putnam and Shane Manaole, both 7-5, to reach him. Davis, Sr. picked up his son, James Davis, Jr., who'd gotten by Raymond Cardenas and Sonny Bosshammer, also both 7-5. Chau eliminated Macias 7-3 as father James, defeated son James 7-4. 
Chau allowed father to exit with son, shortly thereafter, defeating Davis, Sr. 7-4. Ochoa put up a fight in the semifinals, but Chau finished the double hill battle, and turned to face Werren in the hot seat. Chau took the opener of the true double elimination final, giving up only a single rack, and jumped out to a 5-1 lead in the second set. Werren battled to bring that second set to double hill, before Chau finished it to claim the event title.