Live Scoring of The Mosconi Cup 2016 with GoPlayPool and Matchroom Sport have joined together, once again, to ensure that fans get live updates of the Mosconi Cup from nearly anywhere.  To get live scoring access, download the free GoPlayPool app or visit 
Live scoring isn’t the only reason to get involved in this year’s Mosconi Cup.  GoPlayPool is also holding raffle prize giveaways, with the help of its supporters.  Kamui Tips and Marty Carey Jump Q are sponsoring the live scoring and prize giveaways. 
To see the list of prizes and rules, please visit the GoPlayPool website or download the free GoPlayPool app. To enter, you will just need to provide your name, current email address and phone number.  Raffle entries are allowed after November 23, 2016, 6 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. GoPlayPool owners Mary Ann and Ramin add, “This is one of the most respected events in our industry.  We hope that fans of the sport will share this information with friends and family so we can all show our support of these great players.”
We have also included a voting platform for fans and enthusiasts to vote for their favorite team! Don’t forget to vote.
The Mosconi Cup is held from December 6th through December 9th at Alexandra Palace in London, England. You can get more information on the LIVE broadcast of the Mosconi Cup 2016, teams, breakdowns and history of the Mosconi Cup on Matchroom Sport Ltd. website at: