Local Rooms Sought to Host U.S. Open Qualifying Events

Hello billiard room owners from around the world. My main goal for the 40th Anniversary of the U.S. Open is to fill the field at 128 players and I’m asking for your support. Here are two examples that will enable you to have a player to represent your room, your town, and play in this event.  A couple of examples for your local players only:

    •    Have 32 players put up $30.00 each which comes to $960.00 and you would add only $40.00 plus give your winner 2 shirts from your room. Every time your player is introduced prior to his match Scott Smith will announce the player's name and that he won his U.S. Open qualifier out of your room. All of your local players will certainly appreciate your efforts.

    •    Have 32 players pay $50.00 each which comes to $1,600.00, $1,000.00 for the entry fee and $600.00 for their expenses along with 2 shirts.    

My suggestion to give your players a better shot to win and to have more players is to not have long races. Such as race to 5 or race to 6, double elimination, and have your finals one race to 9. If you had, say, races to 9 from the beginning you would give less players a shot to represent your room and yourself. By doing so you will make money having your qualifiers so now this becomes a win/win for so many.


Everyone, again, would only say thank you for running a U.S. Open qualifier. Two wins on the right side of the bracket assures $2,000.00 each back and more as they climb and battle their way up to higher finishes. A very good thing.

 Of course, by being a tier 2 W.P.A. sanctioned event I have to add a minimum of $75,000.00 plus pay a 5% sanction fee which is another $3,750.00 which I’ve never deducted from the purse when most other promoters certainly do. If I would have added say $25,000.00 - $50,000.00 only that would not enable the 6 W.P.A. federations to aid their players financially, therefore, the field would not be the caliber it has become. Last year’s U.S. Open had 26 of the world’s top ranked 32 players participate and, wow, that’s just awesome.

Now that each year the entire $75,000.00 added funds will be in escrow 90 days prior is a great way to ensure an even stronger field in the future.

I spoke with Pat Fleming this morning and we are looking very good with the number of players 70 days out. With the ones already paid, my list of current past champions playing, and 15 plus invitations Pat had requests for in order to come, now puts us right at half full, in the 60’s.


I thank you all and now let’s aim at having a full field of 128 players.