Lucasi Gold Giveaway Features Exotic Wraps

The Lucasi November Gold Giveaway features new Lucasi Lux cue models that have been upgraded with one of Lucasi’s new premium custom wraps for the first and second place winners, plus a Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog 2 jump cue for three other lucky contestants. 


The First Place winner will receive a customized LZC39L. This cue features a Mystic Black forearm and butt with Cocobolo & Bocote long and short inlay points bordered by imitation bone, imitation bone diamonds, silver/Bocote/silver ring bands, large Cocobolo rings, and Uni-Loc® quick-release joint - plus a eye catching lizard wrap. 


The Second Place winner will be very happy with their new custom LZC2008P. This cue features an antique-stained Super Birds-eye Maple forearm and Mystic Black butt with six Mystic Black and recon stone inlay points, recon stone and imitation bone diamonds, triple silver rings, and Uni-Loc® quick-release joint - plus a unique python wrap that gives it that WOW factor!


Both First and Second place cues also come standard with the Lucasi Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft. This 12.75mm shaft combines technology enhancements like a Zero Flexpoint® ferrule and performance taper designed by three-time World Champion Thorsten Hohmann, with classic solid Maple construction and the premium Everest tip customers have loved for years - into a shaft that hits that perfect balance between classic playability and technology performance. This shaft comes stock on all Lucasi Custom cue models, and is designed to give your game an extra kick by making every shot more true-to-path. You’ll sink balls more easily, and your game will reap the benefits. 


Our Third - Fifth Place winners will get one of Lucasi Hybrid’s new AirHog® 2 three-piece technology jump cues. This jumper is a must-have for every serious pool player.


With breakthrough technology that makes even the hardest jump shots seem effortless, the Air Hog®2 is unstoppable. It's no wonder this has become one of Lucasi Hybrid's top selling items since its introduction! 


This game-changing dynamo has three fully-interchangeable pieces connected by Uni-loc® quick-release joints: an 11-1/2” long jump extension with Air G5 Grip Technology™ wrap featuring the X-Shox Dampening System™ for superior stability, increased shock absorption and superior comfort; an 11-1/4” short jump extension with laser engraved grip and ergonomic flair allowing for greater finesse on tricky shots; and a shaft with virtually indestructible carbon fiber ferrule that can stand up to tough shots, plus 13.75mm bakelite tip with S4 Super Sized Sweet Spot Technology for effortless jumps and greater control. This cue also features an adjustable weight bolt setup ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 ounces, so you can customize your cue’s performance.

All AZB Gold members are eligible for this drawing and new members have until Nov. 30 at Midnight to join and be eligible for the drawing.