Maikke and Clay win two-day, Pro/Am stops on Tiger SE Open 9-Ball Tour

In an effort to draw more players to a Sunday tournament, the scheduled stop on the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball tour on the weekend of August 28-29 was split into two separate events.  John Maikke went undefeated in the $500-added event on Saturday, which drew 41 entrants, while Mike Clay chalked up the win on Sunday's 18-entrant, $500-added event; both hosted by Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, GA. 

In the more heavily attended event on Saturday, Maikke got into the hot seat match with a 7-1 victory over Jeff Taylor, as Randy Jordan moved to join him with a 7-2 win over Jeff Crawford. The hot seat battle between Maikke and Jordan went to double hill before Maikke prevailed, sending Jordan to the semifinals. 

On the one-loss side, Hadi Lee, after victories over Henry Lopez and Jeff Hook, was waiting for Taylor. Crawford met up with Jesse Middlebrook, who'd defeated Tommy Nagar and J.R. Rossman to reach him. Both battles for advancement to the quarterfinals went double hill, with Taylor and Crawford ending Lee and Middlebrook's day.  

Crawford defeated Taylor 7-5 in those quarterfinals and then went on to defeat Jordan in the semifinals 7-4. In the single-race-to-9 finals that followed, Maikke completed his undefeated day with a 9-4 win. 

In Sunday's event, won by Clay, James Alvarez ended up in fourth place, following a 7-2 win by Jason Stemen, who advanced to take on Clay in the semifinals. Clay moved on to the finals with double hill, 7-6 win over Stemen, and then survived a second straight double hill match, defeating Jeff Crawford 9-8 to take the top prize. 

Saturday Results 
1st John Maikke $560
2nd Jeff Crawford $400
3rd Randy Jordan $300
4th Jeff Taylor $200
5th Hadi Lee $100
Jesse Middlebrook
7th Jeff Hook $50
J.R. Rossman

1st Mike Clay $405
2nd Jeff Crawford $300
3rd Jason Stemen $200
4th James Alvarez $100