Make It Happen 14.1 Enters Final Day

The penultimate day for the Accu-Stats Make It Happen Straight Pool continued to show great strength from Thorsten Hohamann but Ralf Souquet is now in position to challenge for the title.

In the first match of the day Mika Immonen came out strong to post an opening run of 57. It was not enough. Ralf Souquet stepped up and ran a 75 to win the match 75-57. Hohmann then claimed his fifth straight win in the contest with a 75-39 victory over Danny Harriman who suffered his fifth consecutive loss.

In a tactical match, Ralf Souquet outlasted Oliver Ortmann 75-33. Then Hohmann lost his first match of the week to Mika Immonen at 75-26. Finally, Harriman won his first match of the week by over-running an unsharp Oliver Ortmann 75-30.

The last day's action begins at noon today. Go to to take in the games.

Standings after day three:

Hohmann 5-1
Souquet 4-2
Immonen 3-3
Oretmann 2-4
Harriman 1-5