Make It Happen One Pocket – Day Three Results

Efren Reyes
Match 9
Roberts kicked, failed to hit a rail, and left Van Boening with a shot. Van Boening ran four before getting stuck in the rack. He then blundered and left Roberts with a simple shot. A fine cut on the second ball ignited a run of six, giving Roberts the lead, 5-4. Van Boening then scratched, and now trailed, 5-3. Roberts made one with ball-in-hand, broke a cluster, but was unlucky in not getting s shot. Still, he left the table with a 6-3 lead. The contest now turned into an uptable game with all six balls past the side pockets. Van Boening made a difficult cross table bank and now trailed, 6-4. Roberts left Van Boening some bait with a long shot and he missed it! Roberts made one, then played safe. His lead was now 7-4. Van Boening left Roberts with a long rail crossover bank, and he rolled it in to win game 1, 8-4.   
Roberts kicked at warp speed into the stack, made a dead ball, got a shot, and ran six before failing to get position on a relatively open rack, forcing him to play safe. As in the previous game, Roberts turned it into an uptable game with all balls past the side pockets. Roberts left a shot and Van Boening ran two, then missed and scratched, giving up ball-in hand. Roberts jawed a ball and Van Boening followed it in – and once again trailed, 6-0. Van Boening pounded in a long rail bank, then played safe. Van Boening missed a bank and left Roberts a short railer, which he made to go ahead, 7-1. Within a couple of safeties, all seven remaining balls were grouped near a far corner. One came loose and Van Boening banked it in to trail, 7-2. Lots and lots of safeties were then played as the balls remained WEDGED in the corner. The players called a time out, then came back and broke the wedge, and Roberts made a near spot shot to win the game, 8-2. He now led in the match, 2-0.    
Van Boening scratched giving Roberts ball-in-hand. Roberts ran seven but missed breaking a cluster, so he shot and missed a tough bank. Van Boening went for a bank and missed and Roberts was conceded the ball in front of his pocket. He now led, 3-0 in a game that took only 5 minutes. 
Roberts had the break in game 4, and he hit it well, setting him up to complete an upset of the game’s best player. A couple of shots later Roberts got his chance and he ran seven to take a 7-0 lead. Van Boening was left a bank, and he made it and ran six before running out of makeable balls. The score: Roberts 7, Van Boening 6. Van Boening removed a couple of balls from in front of Robert’s pocket, but he left him with a thin cut crossover bank, and Roberts made it to win the game, 8-6, and the match, 3-0.
Roberts is now 2-1 after an opening match loss and has worked himself back into contention for the MIH 1-Pocket title. Meanwhile, Van Boening fell to 3-1, but still has the best record. 
Match 10
Reyes twice made a ball on the break, which under the rules of this event leads to a rebreak. Thorpe played safe, but sold out, leaving Reyes a hanger. Reyes ran three and hung a ball in the jaws. Thorpe kicked, hit it, but it did not fall! Reyes broke the stack, but failed to get a shot, so his inning ended with a 4-0 lead. After several safeties Thorpe made an error on a bank, double kissed it, and left Reyes a shot. He ran four and out to win game 1, 8-0.
Reyes made 2-rail bank into a carom to take an early 1-0 lead. Thorpe fouled on a soft kick shot. Reyes 1, Thorpe -1. Reyes left a shot and Thorpe ran six to lead, 5-1. Reyes made a long distance bank and one more, then played safe and now trailed, 5-3. Reyes failed to get a rail on a kick safety and he left Thorpe a bank, which he made to take a 6-2 lead. Reyes’ kick safety resulted in a shot for Thorpe, and he reached game ball, at 7-2. Reyes made a bank and one more before missing a ball badly. He left Thorpe with an easy shot, and the match was soon tied at 1 game each. 
Reyes opened the scoring with a 2-rail bank, then missed a much easier shot. Thorpe bank ball into the jaws and Reyes made it for him. 1-1. Reyes got an opening and ran seven and out to win the game 8-1. He now led in the match, 2-1.
After several safeties, Thorpe led, 0 to -1. Reyes left a moderately tough bank, and Thorpe pounded it home, then hung a cut down the rail while breaking the stack. Reyes made a pocket hanger for him, then one for Thorpe, so Thorpe now led, 2-0. All 13 remaining balls are past the foot spot, so this is looking like it’s going to be an uptable game. Reyes made a cut seven diamonds down the side rail, then missed a much easier shot. 2-1 Thorpe. Thorpe then ran six and out to take game 3, 8-1. The score was knotted at 2-2. 
Reyes broke well, leaving a ball in front of his pocket. After much thought, Thorpe made the ball for Reyes but followed it in. The score: Reyes 0, Thorpe -1. Reyes took ball-in-hand and, surprisingly, missed a ball that was close to his pocket! Reyes made a long rail bank, then played safe. Thorpe left the Magician a bank and he slammed it home, then made a ball for Thorpe – so at this point Reyes led, 3-0. Thorpe pocketed a thin cut and two more to tie the score at 3-3. Reyes overcut a bank, leaving Thorpe with a backcut, which he made and two more to go ahead, 6-3. He then played safe. Reyes made a bank to close to 6-4. Thorpe came close and Reyes executed a superb takeout. Thorpe hung a double long rail bank in the jaws, and Reyes was forced to make it. When he did, he also sold out an easy shot on the game ball. So Thorpe won 8-4, and now led the match, 3-2. 
Thorpe made one, hung a ball in the jaws, and Reyes rolled it in – so Thorpe took the early lead, 2-0. Reyes then committed a foul. Reyes played what looked like a good safe, but he left a bank, which Thorpe made, and one more, to go ahead 4 to -1. 
Reyes left Thorpe with an easy cut down the rail and he ran three before hanging the match winning bank in the jaws! Reyes ran four far from easy balls and then followed in the hanger to escape from sure defeat! At this point Thorpe led, 7-3. After several safeties Thorpe scratched and Reyes ran two, then made a tough bank to tie the score at 6-6!!! Wow! After a carload of safeties, Reyes fired in a long rail bank to take a 7-6 lead. Thorpe was left a bank and missed, and left one for Reyes, who also missed. After many more safeties Reyes was forced to take a foul, to the score was retied at 6-6. Reyes made a crossover bank and then a near spot shot to win the game, 8-6, and tie the match at 3-3. 
Thorpe opened the scoring with two balls in the double hill game. Reyes committed a foul and then Thorpe made a bank to take a 3 to -1 lead. Reyes made a thin cut bank, then ran seven more before missing the match winning shot. He now led, 7-3. Thorpe countered with a long shot and one more, and now trailed, 7-5. Reyes ended the match with a long thin cut to win the match, 4-3. He improved to 2-1 while Thorpe is now 0-4.
Match 11
Francisco Bustamante 4  JOSH ROBERTS   1
Roberts opened with a bank and one more to take an early 2-0 lead. However, he left a bank into a combo, and Bustamante made it, but then jawed an easy shot! Roberts made a billiard and made Bustamante’s hanger and now led, 3-2. Bustamante made a short rail bank, then missed a long shot. 3-3. Roberts played a low percentage shot, missed, but Bustamante missed a long shot. He quickly got another opportunity and ran five and out. 
Bustamante made a long cut shot, and a ball for Roberts as well. He then left the table leading 3-0. Bustamante hung a cut and Roberts shot it in. 4-1, Bustamante. Bustamante pounded home a long rail bank, then missed a long shot. Roberts made an extreme backcut bank, then four more to take a 6-5 lead. Bustamante hung a ball, was left a bank combo, and missed. Roberts responded with a bank and now led, 7-5.  Bustamante slammed a bank, missed, and scratched – and Roberts then missed the spot shot, and he scratched! The score was now 6-4, Roberts favor. Bustamante made a spot shot, got position for two balls at the opposite end of the table, made them and got on the gamewinner to complete a demanding run of four and out. He now led, 2-0.
Roberts played a delicate safety and sold out. Bustamante ran six, missed a nearly straight in shot, and left Roberts with an easy shot. But he only managed to make one before failing to get shape – so he played safe. Bustamante made a tough bank and one more to win the game, 8-1. He now led in the match, 3-0. 
Bustamante was in a trap and took a foul. He then took another foul and was now at -2. Roberts took a scratch and he went to -1. Bustamante gambled on a bank, missed, and Roberts ran five to lead 4 to -2. Roberts missed a bank, but ran four and out on his next turn. He now trailed, 3-1. 
Roberts made a ball in front of Bustamante’s pocket. A turn later he fouled, so Bustamante now led, 1 to -1.  Bustamante made a billiard, but it failed to produce another shot. With the score 2 to -1 in Bustamante’s favor all the remaining balls are now three or more diamonds up from the foot rail. Conclusion: this one could take a while. Bustamante missed, but made a ball for Roberts, who now trailed, 2-0. Roberts gambled on a bank, missed, and left Bustamante a shot – he made it, then a cut shooting behind his back. Ouch! He lead grew to 4 to 0. Bustamante made a ball, then Roberts made a two rail bank. The score: Bustamante 5-1. Bustamante hung a long combo. Roberts missed a bank and Bustamante made three easy shots to win the game and the match. 
Match 12
EFREN REYES 4   - Alex Pagulayan
Reyes broke, but Pagulayan forced Reyes to kick at a ball in the jaws and he missed hitting it. Pagulayan ran two to lead, 2 to -1. He then banked a ball into the jaws, so Efren made it for him. Alex lead, 3 to -1. Reyes got an opening and ran three, and now trailed, 3-2. He missed when he jumped up. Pagulayan banked a ball into the jaws and Reyes made it for him. Pagulayan now led, 4-2. Reyes made a thin cut with tons of english, then hung a bank in his pocket. Pagulayan made it and the score was tied at 4-4. Pagulayan sold out and Reyes ran three easy shots, then a simple cross-corner bank to win the game, 8-4.
Pagulayan removed two balls but he left a bank and Reyes made it, then ran three more before making a ball for Pagulayan. Reyes now led, 4-1. After a safe all remaining balls are now three and a half diamonds or more up table from the foot rail. Pagulayan made a long rail bank to trail by two balls. Reyes slammed home a long railer, extending his lead to 5-2. Pagulayan accidently pocketed a ball, it spotted, and Reyes made it. Pagulayan made a double bank and one more to close to two at 6-4. Reyes made a two rail bank. 7-4. Pagulayan hung a bank and Reyes made it for him while trying to cut in the game ball. Pagulayan fouled on a take out, and Reyes won, 8-3. He now leads in the match, 2-0.
Reyes misplayed a safety and left Pagulayan with a shot – and he made two before sticking on the stack. Pagulayan banked one into the jaws and Reyes made it for him. Pagulayan now led, 3-0. Reyes found a dead ball in the stack, slammed it in with the balls going every which way, and ran seven before missing position on the game ball! He tried a tough cross table cut and barely missed it. Pagulayan ran four to tie the score at 7-7, then took the final ball out of Reyes’ pocket. Reyes scratched and conceded the game. The score: 8-6. Reyes now led in the match, 2-1.
Reyes fouled when removing a ball near Pagulayan’s pocket. Pagulayan ran five, made a long rail bank, then removed a ball near Reyes’ pocket. He now led, 6 to -1. Reyes lagged a bank in front of his pocket and Alex made it for him. Reyes played safe and scratched. Pagulayan led, 6 to -1. He made a spot shot but did not get position on game ball. Reyes sold out the game ball and lost the game, 8 to -1. The score is now tied at 2-2.
Pagulayan hung a ball in his pocket and Reyes made it.  Reyes made a bank and sliced in a jacked up cut, ran two more, the missed in the jaws. Pagulayan made it for him, so Reyes now led, 5-1. Reyes left him a shot and he ran four, but then stuck on the pack and had to play safe. Reyes now had 5 to Pagulayan’s 4. Pagulayan made a tough shot, and left another in his pocket, which Reyes made for him. Alex not led, 6-5. Reyes banked close and Pagulayan made it for him, tying the score at 6-6. Alex made a bank and now led, 7-6. Reyes made a long billiard to tie the score, then missed a double bank. 7-7. Reyes slammed home a 2 rail bank to win the game, 8-7. He now led the match, 3-2.
Pagulayan got a shot and showed his skill at running balls as he put together a run of 8 and out to tie the match at 3-3. 
Pagulayan took a foul, and Reyes replied with an intentional foul of his own. Pagulayan then took another foul. Reyes hung a carom in his pocket. Pagulayan made it and the score was now Reyes 0, Pagulayan -2. Pagulayan took another foul. Negative three! Reyes banked a ball into the jaws and Pagulayan rolled it in for him. Reyes now led, 1 to -3. Pagulayan missed a long carom and Reyes made a bank, then ran five more before hanging the match winning bank. Pagulayan made a cross table combo, then took the ball out of Reyes’ pocket. The score was now Reyes 7, Pagulayan -2.  Pagulayan made a ball, then missed – and Reyes missed as well. Pagulayan fanned in a ball, but scratched in the side and conceded the game to Reyes.
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