Manalo Heads WPC Day Five Upsets

Marlon Manalo

Day five is complete at the 2004 World Pool Championship and the field has been narrowed to 32 players with a chance to win the title.

Play on Wednesday saw two European hopefuls sent packing, as well as one hometown favorite.

The biggest upset for the crown in Taiwan was the 9-7 loss to Marlon Manalo by Ching-Shun Yang. Yang led the match 5-2 and 7-4, but was unable to put Manalo away. Manalo will face fellow Filipino players Francisco Bustamante on Thursday.

Two other hopefuls who were sent to the seats early were Tony Drago and Steve Davis. Drago was the victim of a hill-hill loss to Spanish player David Alcaide, while Davis lost 9-7 to Rodolfo Luat.

Other notable players who were eliminated on Wednesday were Takeshi Okumura, Nick Van Den Berg, Charlie Williams, Ralf Souquet, Danny Basavich, Alex Lely, Ernesto Dominguez and Antonio Lining.

Marquee matches on Thursday include Ramil Gallego vs Marcus Chamat, Efren Reyes vs Oliver Ortmann and Luc Salvas vs Johnny Archer.

Final 64 brackets are posted and up to the minute match scores are always available on the official website for the World Pool Championship at

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Sport