Manny Chau holds off Team DMIRO for tour win

After playing in the last few tour stop Manny Chau snaps one off! Team DMIRO hosted a US Open Warm up event 1 week before the US Open started. We had a small field, due to schedule conflicts, none the less we had a great tournament.

Early on Gene Albrecht was noticed! Playing as an amateur, he gave no one of his opponents a chance to catch up. After playing 4 matches he only lost 6 games total. Defeating Kenny Bruce 7-2, David Choi 7-2, then Dima Kavhn 7-1. Gene made it to the final 8 and ended up in 4th place loosing to Shaun Wilkie 7-6 and Brandon Shuff 7-4.

On the pro side Shaun Wilkie took control and defeated Brandon Shuff 7-4, 1st round automatically advancing to the final 8. He then defeated Gene Albrecht, and Manny Chau to win the hot seat. Shaun would wait in the hot seat for Manny Chau who defeated Brandon Shuff 7-1. Brandon shuff took 3rd place in his first Team DMIRO event.

The final set was a battle. Manny Chau defeated Shaun Wilkie 9-8. Shaun missed an 8 ball to win, Manny ran that rack, and won the next two, in order to defeated Wilkie. Team DMIRO 4 The WORLD 1. Think you have what it takes? Finally someone defeated one of Team DMIRO's pros! If you think you have what it takes, join us for our next event at Gate City Billiards, in Greensboro, NC. We will be playing host to a 1 day event.

The players and the tour would like to thank their sponsors, Tiger Products, McDermott Cues, OB Cues, Delta 13, Zinzola Custom Cues, Hammond Custom Cues, Donnelly Custom Cues,, Azbillairds, Maxim Billiards, and The Super Billiards Expo.