Marc Vidal Wins 2008 Year End 14.1 Event

Marc Vidal, Jason Michas, Gerard Soriano and Director Scott Abramowitz

Twenty-one players braved the snow and freezing temperatures to compete in The North Jersey 14.1 Straight Pool Pro/Am Quarterly tournament held at Comet Billiards over the weekend of December 20-21, 2008. Players came from as far as Rhode Island and Bucks County Pennsylvania to test their skills in what is quickly becoming a very popular straight pool tournament event.  Accu-stats, streamed live online the three final matches on Sunday from its Accu-stats Arena and reported that 7,400 unique viewers watched the final match between Marc Vidal and Jason Michas.

Marc Vidal won the tournament and in so doing demonstrated great pocket billiard versatility with his skills in straight pool and in recently winning the New York State Predator 9-Ball Championship. Remaining on the winning side of the chart throughout the tournament, Marc had a notable victory in the first round against third place finisher Gerard Soriano, by a score of 110 to 61.  Both players play at Skill Level 3, each needing 110 points for the win.

Another notable victory for Marc came in the third round of the tournament, playing against Hall of Famer, Pat Fleming. Here, Marc bolstered his confidence and become the tournament's "player to beat" during this match. This will be a memorable match for Marc, not just because of who his victory was against, but because of his very impressive performance. Pat played the opening break shot, leaving Marc only a very long and difficult cut shot, which he fired in confidently and then continued the inning to run 70 balls; the tournament's High Run, which added $150 to Marc's first place earnings. Marc won this bout by a score of 110 to 38. Pat, playing at a Skill Level 2, the highest Skill Level player in this Quarter's event, finished in a respectable 5th-6th place, and had a tournament high run of 43 balls, though well below his capabilities. Marc then went on to play Jason Michas for the Hot Seat. Jason however lost his quest for the Hot Seat to Marc, by the Score of 110 to 41. Here again Marc, playing at one skill level higher then Jason, needing 110 points to Jason's 90.

Jason, a skilled 9-baller, whose only tough match to this point of the tournament was against veteran pool player Carmen Lombardo, often played with frustration and not easily adapting to the mental stamina demanded for excellent and consistent straight pool play. Carmen, on the other hand, is a versed and skilled player of all the pocket billiard games and is a very capable and experienced straight pool shooter. Jason, starting this second round match against Carmen with a 20 point advantage, playing at one skill level below Carmen, and winning this closely fought battle by the score of 90 to 95, with Carmen needing 110 points to win.

Jason went on to a semi-final victory against Gerard Soriano, by the score of 90 to 107, with Jason again getting a 20 point advantage from the start. This match was not pretty, inundated with fouls, missed shots, and low runs. Similar to a battle both encounter with each other last time they met, in the 3rd Quarter event back in September. Jason then went on to play Marc Vidal again for the championship, but Marc's gamesmanship proved too advanced for Jason to overcome. Marc won the final bout of the tournament by a score of 110 to 76. This was an excellent match for both players, smart play, and with solid runs in the 20s and 30s.

One other notable match was between Gerard Soriano and Carmen Lombardo, playing in the fourth place match, which was won by Gerard Soriano, by the score of 110 to 96. Both players played even in a race to 110 points. Carmen was ahead 99 to 64 at the end of the 12th rack, however after a skid ball miss by Carmen, Gerard put together a back to back 32 and 17 ball run for the victory.

Guy Batchelder started out in the tournament at a Skill Level 5, but during his second round match against Joe Goryeb, ran 28 balls that obligated him to now play that game to 77 points and elevated his Skill Level to 4 for all subsequent matches of this tournament, as well as all future tournaments. Guy won that match by the score of 77 to 43.

The final three matches that were all streamed live on line can still be watched on the Accu-stats or Comet Billiards web sites. Viewers should note that the u-stream tape of the first Vidal vs. Michas match was split onto two Video files. The final match runs on the same video file as the second half of the first Vidal vs. Michas match, immediately after it.

For detailed information of this tournament, including player statistics and tournament flow charts, rules, and the handicap system, go to, and which will be updated soon. If you are interested in signing up for the next event, which will be the 1st Quarter 2009 tournament, to be held some time in March, call Scott Abramowitz, tournament director at 973-736-3435.