March Gold Winners Announced

The March Gold winners have been drawn and this month our lucky members are:


Our first place winner is MrPoolZen and  he wins the Poison “Armor” 2X4 Hard Case. The Poison Armor 2X4 Red Case is constructed with durable ultra-vinyl and ballistic nylon featuring an attractive look and feel. The case features durable ultra-vinyl and ballistic nylon, dual front pockets, and a padded strap. The case weighs 4.2 lbs .


Our second place winner is jmr08260 and he wins a Gold-Tone Delta-13 rack. This ball rack is precision machined for a better break. Each Elite rack is measured by a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) which allows Delta-13 to create a "True Triangle", making it a tighter rack. This is the ball rack used by the pros. The Delta-13 Elite is the official rack for the WPBA, sponsor of trick shot artist Florian Kohler, featured on ESPN, professional tours including; Predator Tour, Lonestar Billiards Tour, Great Southern Billiards Tour, Wisconsin Pool Players Society Tour, National Amateur Pool League (NAPL), and several amateur leagues.  Made in the U.S.A.


Our third-fifth place winners are: super6, lakeman77, and brokenarrowjbe all get the JB Cases Soft case. Each has the AZB logo inside the case and these are extremely rare as only a few were made. All of these are manufactured with the same care and excellence as all JB Cases and each will be loaded up with five pieces of Master Sky Blue Chalk and a pair of AZB patches for wherever you choose to use them.


I will be sending a PM to all of these winners today to collect their shipping info. We will announce the next giveaway next week.  You may become eligible by going HERE and joining prior to the first day of April.