Marco Zanetti European Champion and Caudron runs a World Record !

Marco Zanetti is the new 3-Cushions European Champion. At the continental championships in Brandenburg/Germany the Italian beat his opponent Christian Rudolph from Germany with 40:10 points. Zanetti started with seven points in a row and a little later he made another ten so the resistance of the German was broken quit early. Besides that Rudolph didn’t find into the match like he did in the semifinal which was played on Sunday morning.

Whilst Rudolph had no problems with Glenn Hofman from the Netherlands the second semifinal was a gripping thriller. Zanetti was ahead with 22 points as Frédéric Caudron (Belgium) started to play. 28 point later he was both leading and world record holder together with his fellow countrymen Raymond Ceulemans and Roland Forthomme.

But Marco Zanetti wasn’t impressed too much and fought back to win the match with 40:37 points. At the end both players had a world-class-average of more than 3 points per inning!

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