Mark Whiteside R.I.P.

Mark Whiteside

We here at AzBilliards are very saddened to report the passing of a good friend, Mark Whiteside.

Mark was the editor of Amateur Billiard News and then moved on to Inside Pool magazine and recently worked for Billiards Digest magazine taking photos and reporting on major events. Mark's photos have graced the pages of this site for over a year and his reporting from the floor of various tournaments has allowed us to report on events that we otherwise would have been unable to cover.

Mark was one of the few people out there who always gave 110% to try to help propel the sport of billiards in a positive direction and never seemed to do it for himself, but rather for a deep love of the game. I personally spoke to Mark about the billiards industry a number of times and he very seldom had anything negative to say about anyone in the game. He expressed many times that if someone was doing anything to further the sport, they were deserving of all the kudos and assistance they could get.

Mark is survived by his wife Carol Ann and his children Jessica, Robert and Aaron.

A memorial will be held for Mark at 3PM on April 24th at Emmanuel Lutheran in Pittsburgh, PA.

Messages for Mark's wife Carol Ann can be emailed to us at and will be forwarded to Carol.