Mark Wilson holds April Mini Camp

Rack up a great education while developing your pool skills into a professional level pool game.  Lindenwood University and Pocket Billiards coach, Mark Wilson, is looking for hard working student/athletes.

Your interest, passion, and excellence fuel the excitement that surrounds the building of the premier billiards program now and in the future.

“Personally I am so inspired to put together the Lindenwood Billiards team. First off the campus is fantastic with new state of the art facilities.  The faculty is comprised of world class educators and the reason to attend school here.  The Pocket Billiards program has tremendous support from the youthful and forward thinking attitude of the school administrators.  These are the reasons that I accepted the coaching opportunity, and why you should enthusiastically choose Lindenwood University.”

Today, we are gaining momentum as we prepare to begin competing in September.  On April 17th-19th from 4-7p.m. at Side Pockets in St.Charles, MO., we will be holding our spring mini-camp for anyone interested or just curious.  You will be able to have some fun, meet, shoot some pool, and hear about the vision of the future.  Billiard scholarships are available for those student/athletes with the work ethic, academics, and moral fiber to justify an investment.

If you also share in the desire to pursue playing great pool while obtaining a great education, please give me a call at 618-888-2333.


Mark Wilson
or contact: Lauren Nystrom, Billiards Liason and Day Admissions 1-636-949-4942