Masters Final Twelve

Mike Dechaine

Day three at the Masters Championship began with a one-loss round. Tommy Kennedy rolled over Chris Futrell 8-3 and Warren Kiamco did the same to Eddie Abraham. John Morra sent Brandon Shuff home 8-6 while Chris Orme ended the run of Marc Vidal 8-5 and Brian Brekke had little trouble with Cary Dunn as he won 8-1.  Johnny Archer bested Hunter Lombardo 8-3 and Jesse Engel was over So Shaw 8-5. Finally, Gabe Owen beat Dave Bollman 8-4.  

The second round was a star-studded round. Mika Immonen continued his run with an 8-3 victory over Chris Loar. Mike Davis took Corey Deuel 8-3 and Earl Strickland beat Charlie WIlliams 8-3. Shawn Putnam surprised Shane Van Boening 8-5 while Rodney Morris jumped all over Alex Pagulayan. Rodney went out to a 6-0 lead and then closed it out 8-4 after Pagulayan attempted a comeback. Shane Winters defeated his hometown buddy Dennis Hatch 8-4. Lastly, Ralf Souquet beat Jundel Mazon 8-6 as Mike Dechaine slipped past Stevie More 8-6.

The third round of play featured half of the remaining undefeated players and a full slate of one loss side action. On the right side of the board, Mika Immonen edged out Earl Strickland 8-7 in a match that saw Earl shoot to a better Accu Stats rating than Mika, but still come out on the losing side of the match. The other winners side match saw Ralf Souquet score a hard fought 8-7 win over Rodney Morris. Matches on the one loss side saw the eliminations of Shane Van Boening (8-1 to Warren Kiamco), Brian Brekke, Chris Orme, Chris Loar, Jesse Engel, Gabe Owen, John Morra and Stevie Moore.

The final round of play saw the remaining winners side matches as well as four matches on the one loss side. Mike Dechaine won his winners side match against Shane Winters 8-5, and Mike Davis turned in a dominating 8-4 win over Shawn Putnam. On the one loss side, Alex Pagulayan ended his Filipino countrymen Jundel Mazon's event 8-6. Another Filipino hotshot, Warren Kiamco, followed up his 8-1 win over Shane Van Boening in round three with a much more hard fought 8-7 win to eliminate Corey Deuel. Johnny Archer kept his tournament hopes alive with an 8-6 win over Charlie Williams and Dennis Hatch ended the night with a hill-hill win over Tommy Kennedy.

Friday play will begin with 12 players left in the event. Ralf Souquet will face Mika Immonen and Mike Dechaine will play Mike Davis on the winners side. Meanwhile, still lurking on the one loss side are names like Hatch, Archer, Strickland, Pagulayan and Morris.