Matchroom Pool Launches World Rankings

Matchroom Pool has today launched its own World Rankings as well as Team EUROPE and Team USA rankings for the partypoker Mosconi Cup.
The Matchroom Pool World Rankings consist of major events from around the globe, while the separate European and USA Team rankings include all World Ranking events as well as additional events from across Europe and USA respectively.
For Team Europe, the top three players on the European Ranking will automatically qualify for Alex Lely’s team. On the American Ranking, the top two players will join Jeremy Jones’ roster for their title defence in London this December.
World Rankings
The Matchroom Pool World Rankings are split into six tiers based on a number of factors including total prize money, added money and tournament format. The Matchroom Pool World Rankings will be used as guidance when inviting players for World Cup of Pool and World Pool Masters, and as one of the rankings to determine seedings for the US Open 9-Ball from 2021.
A full list of events and the rankings so far can be found here:
A points breakdown of points awarded per event can be downloaded here:
Team Europe Rankings
Unlike previous years, there will only be one European ranking list. This is a combination of the World Ranking events and smaller events played in Europe, including all Euro Tour events. The rankings have been restricted to include six tiers, however no event receives fewer points than previously.
A full list of events and the rankings so far can be found here:
Team USA Rankings
As with the European Ranking, this is a combination of the World Ranking events and smaller events played across America. A list of American events will be published in due course.
Emily Frazer, Matchroom Multi Sport COO, said: “Global expansion of professional pool is our aim at Matchroom Pool and launching our own World Rankings is a key part of us achieving our vision. Owning five of the majors within the sport allows us to push pool to boundaries it has never seen before. Standard of play is strengthening, and younger, motivated players are travelling and now on the scene, however there is not many a player out there earning a real decent wage from the amount of events on the current circuit.
“Introducing rankings firstly gives players the opportunity to rightly earn their place in our own events on merit, encouraging more players to travel to various events. Secondly, we are focused on our tiered system ensuring that organisers and promoters are adding the maximum prize money, as well as motivating others to get involved and introduce new tournaments. Points have not always been rewarded appropriately according to added money or level of organisation and or production.
“This is a work-in-progress but we are confident we have a firm base structure to start with. It is time for us all to improve the level of our pool events and give our professional athletes a realistic chance to earn a career and for us in turn to build this fantastic sport.”
Any promoter wishing their event to be considered as a Matchroom Pool ranking event should contact