Mathis and Hunt split Fast Eddie’s winnings

They got through the opening set of a true double elimination final, with the one-loss side competitor taking the match, but when it was over, they opted out of playing a second set and just split the first and second place prize. The event was the $500-added Fast Eddie's Tour stop in Waco, TX on Saturday, June 5, which drew 22 entrants. The winners were Leroy Mathis, who ended up with a 6-1 record and Jason Hunt , who finished at 5-1; each had lost to the other once, which had forced Mathis to the one-loss side to record an extra victory. 

From among the winners' side final four, Mathis had sent Joseph Oliveras to the one-loss side, 9-4, as Hunt was doing likewise to Robert Stewart 9-7. Hunt got into the hot seat with a 9-6 win over Mathis, which would prove to be the last match he'd win.  

Stewart and Oliveras moved over to pick up Gordon Van Der Veer and Ceasar Garcia, respectively. Van Der Veer was fresh off a 7-4 win over Jimmy Davis. Garcia had just defeated Steve Kilgore 7-5.  Stewart and Oliveras moved on into the quarterfinals; Stewart with a hill-hill win over Van Der Veer, Oliveras with a 7-5 win over Garcia. Oliveras advanced to meet Mathis in the semifinals with a 7-5 win over Stewart. 

Mathis, playing the one extra game dictated by his defeat in the hot seat match, picked up his fifth win on the day, dropping Oliveras into third place 7-4.  He then went on to win the opening set of the final 9-5, at which point the two opted to split the top two prizes of $525 and $375, and take home $450 each.