Matt Krah goes undefeated for Blaze Tour Win

Gotham Billiards owner John with Matt Krah

Blaze 9 Ball Tour Stop #5 was hosted by Gotham Billiards in Bergen NJ, special thanks to John and his wonderful staff.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins over Billy Kirshner 7-4, Jack Weltch 7-2, Tom Bow 7-5, Bill Horne 7-2, and Lee Kang 7-4. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Mark Pantovic with wins over Carmen Lombardo 7-6, Myke Munoz 7-5, Mike Finger 7-2, and Eddie Hodan 7-3.

Playing for the hot seat was Matt Krah vs Mark Pantovic. This was a one sided match with Matt Krah running away with the match 7-3 and getting his first hot seat of the year. Making his run from the one loss side was Tony Rodriquez with wins over Sean Morgan 6-4, Jeremy Sossie 6-1, Myke Munoz 6-4, Mike Davis 6-5, Bill Horne 6-2, Mike Miller 6-3 Eddie Hodan 6-2, Shaun Wilkie 6-4, and Mark Pantovic 6-3 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Matt Krah vs Tony Rodriquez. This was a great match. Tony Rodriquez led 8-5 only to see Matt Krah come back to steal the match 9-8.