Matt Krah wins Blaze Tour Stop

Matt Krah and Raxx Billiards owner Holden Chin

Blaze 9 Ball Tour made its way to Raxx Billiards Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, NY. Thirty-four players made there way to the event, players like Matt Krah, Mike "The Baby Face Assassin" Davis, Danny Basavich, Steve Lillis, Spanish Pete, Wali Muhammad to name a few. Special thanks to Holden Chin and Raxx Billiards Bar & Grill for hosting the event also thanks to the staff at Raxx for a wonderful time.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Wali Muhammad with wins over Carol Martorana 7-1, Vinroy Logan 7-2, Jerry Tarantola 7-6, Mark Pantovic 7-5. Leading the way on the bottom half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins over Mike Dunn 7-3 Carmen Lombardo 7-6 Holden Chin 7-5 Beau Baer 7-4.

Playing for the hot seat was Wali Muhammad Vs Matt Krah, Wali Muhammad jumped out to a 4-2 lead but Krah came right back by winning the next 5 games to win the match 7-4, giving him the hat seat and sending Wali to the one lost side.

Making a run on the one lost side was Mark Pantovic with wins over Mike Fingers 7-3, Mike "The Baby Face Assassin" Davis 7-6 and Wali Muhammad 7-3 to get to the finals

In the finals it was Matt Krah Vs Mark Pantovic this would have been a great match both players where shooting great and on top of their game but due to personal problems Mark Pantovic could not continue so he had to forfeit the match to Matt Krah, Giving Krah the Blaze 9 Ball Tour 9th Stop.

Complete Results:
1st Matt Krah $700
2nd Mark Pantovic $500
3rd Wali Muhammad $320
4th Mike Davis $220
5th Beau Baer $150
5th Mike Fingers $150
7th Oscar Bonilla $100
7th Holden Chin $100