Matt Tetreault wins NCS 14.1 Qualifier & MA State 14.1 Championship

London Billiards in Worcester, MA was gracious host the holiday weekend of May 24, 2009 to the Massachusetts State 14.1 Championships & National Championship Series (NCS) 14.1 qualifying round. The NCS is holding qualifiers to the NCS 14.1 National Championships throughout the USA in one of pool & billiards most challenging disciplines also refered to as the game of masters, 14.1 continuous or more commonly known as straight pool. The 14.1 National Championships will be held July 31-August 2, 2009 at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ. Comet Billiards is also host room to the Accu-Stats Arena where Pat Fleming will be streaming the event live. 64 of the USA's best 14.1 players will qualify through the NCS qualifiers in attempt to capture the title of National Champion. For the list of qualifier events and more info please visit

Straight pool enthusiasts from throughout the state and neighboring states gathered at 10:30am to test their skills in 14.1 and attempt to capture a qualifier spot to the NCS National Championships and grab the crown of 2009 MA State 14.1 Champ. In the double elimination format the draw would see Matt Tetreault match up with tournament director Kevin Vidal on the top half of the opening round flow chart. On his first time at the table Matt took full advantage of an open shot and put a 65 ball run together and keep Kevin in the chair, although Kevin attempted to make a valiant comeback it was not to be, with Matt advancing on the winners side with a final score of 100-39. Matt continued his steady solid play with wins over Boston's Mike Yamauchi 100-25 then Springfield"s Chuck Hill 100-38 and take a seat in the finals.

The losers side would see Kevin Vidal making his way through the field wanting another shot at Matt in the 1 game to 150 points finals with wins over Mike Yamauchi 100-64 and Roger Hill 100-48. Waiting for Kevin for the semi-final match was Chuck Hill who had wins over Joe Liguori and Roger Hill on the winners side but was sent to the 1 loss side earlier by Matt Tetreault. Chuck Hill opened up with a 33 ball run and took control of this match to earn his spot in the finals with Matt Tetreault. This match would see Matt not be denied as he took early command with a 40 ball run to keep Chuck at bay. Matt never let up and took home what is to be the first annual Massachusetts State 14.1 Championship to be held by tournament director Kevin Vidal with the final score 150-48. Thank you London Billiards and their great staff for being such a great host and supporting 14.1 in the northeast and to all the players who showed up on this holiday weekend for a great 14.1 tournament.

Next up will be the first annual Connecticut State 14.1 Championship and NCS National Qualifier at World Championship Billiards in Manchester, CT June 20th, 2009. Any 14.1 enthusiasts wishing to compete please email TD Kevin Vidal at