Max Eberle Art Show Hits Hollywood

Max Eberle and friends

On Sept. 1st, Cinespace, a gallery in Hollywood, hosted "Illumination," Max Eberle's biggest art show to date. On display were 10 acrylic paintings on canvas. The show premiered Max's recent portrait of Madonna, a 6 by 7 foot work composed of small white dots on a black background.

"Madonna," and other images using fluorescent paint, was illuminated with black light adding to the seductive atmosphere of the exhibit.

Max mixed music and sound bytes to complement the experience. Relative pieces included excerpts from Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, and, of course, songs by Madonna. Many of Max's Hollywood friends, and some from as far as San Francisco, added to the intimacy of the experience.

Eberle's first ever signed and numbered, limited edition, prints were available at the show. Some images can be seen at