May the Best Racks win

On December 6, 2008, Millsy's of Kitchener Waterloo was the Championship stop for 7 competitive women's teams ranging from intermediate to advanced caliber of players. With $250.00 added by both Riley's in Oshawa and Milsy's in Kitchener the teams were playing for a piece of the $1,120 prize. Before the match took place, an award ceremony was held where FMA (Angela Carrigan, Sue Ramlachan, Glennis Savage, Lauren Hoste) took 1st place overall tour win. Nice shooting ladies. “I would like to thank all the ladies who participated in the 8-ball tour team this year”, said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour”

In this seeded tournament, Stacked Racks consisting of Sue Sepp (captain), Dawn Craigie (assistant captain), Veronica St. Jean, Amanda Markieta, and Sharon Gibson played solid and ousted their opponents to the B side. One of the teams in particular, Great Racks, consisting of Sharlene Watkinson (captain), Kelly Shaddock and Suzy Dickstein played outstanding but were knocked to the B –side by Stacked Racks who were on fire in the third round.

Great Racks had a wait for their next appointment in the B-side finals. As the field narrowed down to the final b-side matches, Great Racks and SK8 By U consisting of Leslie Pasieka (Captain), Karen Summers, Jackie Summers, Grace Nakamura, and Marcie Dunbar, who were sent to the one loss side after the first round of play, came back strong to meet up with Great Racks. Both teams played a solid game and the matches went down to the wire. But it came down to points to determine the winner and Great Racks made it through to the A-side finals. SK8 By U took third place. Great Racks finally getting their revenge and was ready for a showdown on who will be the Best Racked team! In the 1st set match, Great Racks played solid and not missing any shots. With a score of 3 – 1 to Great Racks, the 2nd set was called. In this true double elimination game, Great Racks needed to defeat Stacked Rack twice. But this time, Stacked Racks was not going down without a fight! The pressure was on for Stacked Rack, but a change of events during the game that moved the pressure over to Great Racks! In each round, Great Racks missed many key shots and weren't able to capitalized on Stacked Racks player's safety games. Stacked Racks players were on fire and dominated Great Racks on the table leading a sweet victory. With 3-0 score, Stacked Racks wins the CWPT CCS 8-ball Championship and announced as the Best Racks Team! “The comment to each team was may the Best Racks team win. All the girls showed true sportsmanship throughout the tournament and truly played their hearts out to win the CCS CWPT 8 Ball Championships.” said Sue Sepp, 8-ball Tour Director of CWPT. “Thank you ladies for your participation the event!”

At the same event we also held a small ladies singles event. In the finals, Carolina Fernandez and Sophie Houle battle it out to see who will win the CCS singles paid entry.

In this true double elimination match, Fernandez needed to win twice to defeat Houle. In the first set, Fernandez was on fire, wining the first set at a score of 4-1 which included a couple of nice outs by fernandez. In the next set, each game went back and forth and went to a hill hill match, but Houle was determined to win as she made some nice runs and hook shots. With a score of 4-3, Houle wins the CCS singles paid entry. Nice shooting Sophie