McCreesh wins Hampton Ridge Stop 20

Ryan McCreesh

The 20th stop of the Hampton Ridge 9-ball tour was held at PJ's Billiards in Lindin NJ.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Raphael Saldana With wins over Frankie Hernandez (F), Bill Horne 7-3 and Tim Barrett 7-5.

On the bottom half of the bracket it was Joseph Landi leading the way. With wins over Brandon Shuff 7-1, Klaud 7-6 and Ryan McCreesh 7-6. This set up a match with Raphael Saldana to see who would get the hot seat. This was a one sided match with Joseph Landi running away with it 7-2.

The big story was Ryan McCreesh fighting his way through the one loss side. After losing 7-6 to Joseph Landi, Ryan ran through the one loss side with wins over Tony Maria 7-5, Tim Barrett 7-1, Raphael Saldana 7-4 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Ryan McCreesh Vs Joseph Landi, this was a great match with the games going back and forth, at the end Mr. McCreesh was just a little to much for Mr. Landi winning the match 9-7.

1st Ryan McCreesh
2nd Joseph Landi
3rd Raphael Saldana
4th Tim Barrett