McGee comes back to take down Souvanthong on Tiger SE Open 9-Ball Tour stop

Tour director Tommy Kennedy had no idea who Jared McGee was until he faced him in the quarterfinals of the July 20-21 stop on Kennedy's Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour. Kennedy knows who he is now, because McGee, in the midst of a five-match, loss-side streak when they met, defeated Kennedy and went on to defeat hot seat occupant, Bucky Souvanthong, to claim the event title. The $1,000-added event drew 34 entrants to Pockets in Dothan, AL.

McGee and Kennedy were moved to the loss bracket in the same, winners' side final eight round; McGee, by Scotty Townsend and Kennedy, by Max Oliver. Townsend moved on to face Souvanthong, as Oliver drew Matt Bulfin. Souvanthong sent Townsend west 9-5, and in the battle for the hot seat, met Bulfin, who'd defeated Oliver 9-7. Souvanthong got into the hot seat 9-6 over Bulfin, and waited on McGee.
Townsend drew Kennedy, who'd defeated Stoney Stone, and then, Scotty Townsend's son, Michael; thus denying father (Scotty) and son (Michael) an opportunity to compete. Oliver had the misfortune of picking up the man he'd sent west, one match before - McGee, who'd gotten by Josh Hillard and Denny Singletary.
Kennedy followed his defeat of the Townsend son, by defeating the Townsend father 9-7. He was introduced, in the quarterfinals, to McGee, who'd eliminated Oliver 9-2. Kennedy learned all he needed to know about McGee, when the younger man allowed him only a single rack in the quarterfinals. 
McGee moved on and defeated Bulfin in the semifinals 9-5. In the single, race-to-11 final, Souvanthong put up a fight, but McGee edged ahead to win it by two, 11-9, and claim the event title.