McNally tunes up at the NE Players Tour

Pat McNally

Wake up pool players and fans! It is time to start your love for the sport early! Get out of the water and off the golf course. Get back to your local billiard room NOW! With two major heavy hitting tournaments in August and the Joss Tour starting in September, this season is starting NOW! Professional pool players from all over the country are coming to participate in the northeastern state tournaments.

The Northeast Players Tour Open 9-Ball Event this past Sunday was only the tip of the iceberg. Talented players like Brandon Sluzalis, Mike Miller, Carmen Lombardo, Jose Parica, Pat McNally, Shaun Wilkie, Philip Sherman and many more were in attendance. Fifty-five players from six different states participated at Boulevard Billiards in Allentown Pennsylvania. Two new arrivals to the tour cashed in their first appearance: James Norman and Jeff Stowers. Tour players making their first trip to the cash were Brandon Sluzalis, Chuck Whims, Joe Scott and Raymond Doherty. Jade Domkoski came only one game away from making her first cash. "You Go Girl"! To raise awareness of women in the NE Players Tour Open Events, membership for the remainder of the season will be free to ladies.

Over one hundred matches were assigned during the one-day event. In the final sixteen matches, ten of the sixteen races went hill-to-hill. This set the stage for the final four players. Pat McNally from Scranton PA earned the hot seat by winning his match against Mike Miller from Easton PA. In the one-loss side Jose Parica and Carmen Lombardo were battling for the right to play Mike Miller. Carmen took an early lead only to see Jose Parica tie the match. A couple of rolls and great playing by Carmen propelled him to a hill-to-hill victory. By the way Carmen Lombardo from Wayne NJ was the only player to win against Jose Parica. Scores were 6-4 and 6-5. The next match Mike Miller ended Carmen's dominance by winning 6-5. This set up the re-match against Pat and Mike in the final. Mike jumped out to an early lead of 2-0. The rest of the match was a panzer blitz of sheer shot making and the pure knowledge of 9-ball. Pat McNally 9 and Mike Miller 5. This type of talent and excitement in NOW! It is the sport we love and cherish! It's pool for everyone!

Next NE Players Tour open 9-ball event is at Lucky Break Billiards in Indiana Pennsylvania on Sunday August 10th. See you there for the "Best Time Ever"!

Complete Payout:
1st Pat McNally $700
2nd Mike Miller $500
3rd Carmen Lombardo $400
4th Jose Parica $300
5th/6th Bradon Sluzalis, Phil Sherman $200
7th/8th Raymond Doherty, Wes Dobson $150
9th/12th Bob De Turk, Chuck Whims, Jack Weltch, Joe Scott $100
13th/16th Chuck Pendrak, Henry Arifi, James Norman, Jeff Stowers $50

Photo courtesy of Mark Whiteside