Meglino and Fowler split top prizes on Shark Billiard Tour

It's an occupational hazard of many pool tour scenarios; a single day tournament signs up more players than it can reasonably handle in that single day, and finds itself moving into the tournament finals as dawn approaches. In addition, players who may have traveled any distance and have decided to stay at a nearby hotel may find that the prize money offered for all but the top four cash prizes (as an example) puts them in either a 'break even' or 'losing money' situation. This can lead to the absence of a final match with the two opponents splitting the top two prizes.
Derek Fowler and Anthony Meglino, in a specific example, opted out of a final match at the Shark Billiard Tour's sixth stop, held on Saturday, May 9. The $500-added event drew 68 entrants to Diamond Billiards in Ocala, FL. Meglino and Fowler moved on to Orange Park, FL the next day to play in Tommy Kennedy's Tiger SE Open 9-Ball Tour (finishing fourth and fifth), where the final three competitors (for reasons unrelated to the number of entrants or hotel considerations) opted out the semifinals and finals, splitting the top three prizes.
Fowler and Meglino did not meet up in the tournament. Fowler had sent Steven Richmond to the loss side 8-5 in a winners' side semifinal, as Meglino was being sent over by Jimmy Milazzo 8-6 in the other one. Fowler played his final match, defeating Milazzo for the hot seat 8-5.
On the loss side, Meglino picked up Sean Mitchell, who'd survived a double hill match versus Citi Reddick and defeated James Roberts 6-3 to reach him. Richmond drew Jim Udischas, who'd also had to survive a double hill match - versus Robert Batson - and defeated Mitchell Keiser 6-4. Meglino downed Mitchell 6-4, and in the quarterfinals, faced Udischas, who'd eliminate Richmond 6-2.
Meglino completed his loss-side run with a 6-4 victory over Udischas and a double hill win over Milazzo in the semifinals, before agreeing to split the top two prizes with Fowler. As the undefeated hot seat occupant, Fowler laid claim to the event title.