Melissa Little announces Viper 15-Rack 10-Ball League

Melissa Little

DENVER, Colorado –July 14th, 2008- Melissa Little, top ranked Woman's Professional Billiards Associations touring professional, announces today that pool players from all around Colorado can now participate in 15 rack pool leagues – her creation of the next generation of pool leagues.  

15 rack is basically fifteen racks of 10-ball, the ghost. Three players participate per pool table and each player documents their statistical progress with unique 15 rack league sheets.

Each player breaks the 10-ball rack, takes “ball in hand” after the break, and tries to run as many balls in order as possible in each inning. When players either misses, hook themselves, poor position, scratches, fouls, or run all ten-balls, the inning ends. The next player then proceeds to the same challenge.

At the end of three 10-week sessions, Melissa guarantees a $4,000.00 added 10-ball “Viper Challenge” extravaganza. When the players participate in 1 of 3 15-rack 10-week sessions scheduled then those players automatically qualify for the Viper Challenge.  

The players are excited to participate in this new league that is individualized, fun, exciting, and pressure filled each time they come the table. Not only will this help their pool game, the statistics become a learning tool on “how to” better their games. Lets face it 9-ball is great but 10-ball is exceptional and very demanding of a player.
15 rack is now being hosted in the most popular poolrooms in the Denver Metro area. Places like The Colorado Cue Club, The Wynkoop Brewing Company, Match-up's, and The Denver Athletic Club are just some of the rooms that have committed to the up coming three sessions.

Session one began last week and it's not too late for participation- just stop by one of the venues on the corresponding day.  There are plenty of openings for session two that starts at the beginning of October and session three begins the first week of January 2009.

Look out everyone 15 rack is very addictive!

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