Melling wins out over Teutscher

Chris Melling (GBR) Foto: EPBF/AMM

In a match that was rich in variety, Chris Melling (GBR) came out on top of Marco Teutscher (NED) with 9:7.

The tight result does not really  mirror the  course of events of the match. After 5 racks, Melling was 5:0 up and everyone expected it to be a clear affair for the experienced Brit. But in the 6th rack, Melling pocketed a ball and touched an illegal ball before. He directly announced a foul and Teutscher came into the table and won his first rack. Now if one thought that Melling's victory parade would continue, you were proven wrong.  It was Teutscher instead who now snatched rack after rack and managed to tie the match at 5:5. Suddenly the pressure was on for Melling. And as if history repeats itself, in the 11th rack Teutscher scratched and produced an unnecessary foul. Just like Melling did in the 6th rack. The consequence for Teutscher was that Melling went ahead and won three racks in a row, leading 8:5 all of a sudden. But still the 20-year-old boy from Amsterdam did not give up. He closed the gap to 7:8, when finally Melling managed to run the final rack he needed to win the match 9:7. Teutscher has played extremely well and Melling probably won because he had a lot more experience than his young opponent.

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