Melrose, Applebee and Hicks split top three prizes on Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tour

Rob Melrose, Nick Applebee and Bobby Hicks opted out of the semifinal and final matches on the Tiger Southeast Open 9-Ball Tournament on Sunday, May 10, and split the top three prizes. As the undefeated hot seat occupant, Melrose claimed the $1,000-added Tiger Greater Orange Park Classic title which had drawn 26 entrants to Park Ave. Billiards in Orange Park, FL.


It was Melrose and Applebee who locked horns in the hot seat match (Applebee is tour director for the Shark Billiards Tour, which had completed a stop the day before). Melrose had sent Dennis Fowler west 7-4, as Applebee was busy defeating Sean Mitchell 7-5. Melrose played what proved to be his last match and defeated Applebee 7-4.


Mitchell and Fowler moved to the loss side and were eliminated immediately. Anthony Meglino, who'd defeated David Byler and William C, both 7-3, ousted Mitchell 7-5.  Bobby Hicks, who'd survived a double hill match versus Will Carver and defeated Bobby Garza 7-5, shut Fowler out.


Hicks then chalked up the event's final win with a 7-5 victory over Meglino in the quarterfinals. The remaining three chose not to proceed and split the top three prizes.