Mendoza comes back from the loss side (again) to win his second Predator A-D event


Robert Mendoza won the Predator Tour's A-D handicapped event in October by coming from the loss side to defeat Kapriel Delimelkonoglu in the finals. On the weekend of December 1-2, he did it again, this time defeating Adrian Daniel in the finals. The $500-added, A-D event drew 34 entrants to Mr. Cues in Lindenhurst, NY. 

In October, he'd forfeited a match among the winners' side final four, and came back to win. In this most recent event, he defeated Gail Glazebrook 8-4 among the winners' side final four and got into the hot seat match versus Daniel, who'd sent Rich Turner west, double hill. Daniel defeated Mendoza in their first of two, and waited in the hot seat for his return.

Glazebrook moved over to pick up Eddie Culhane, who'd defeated  Rhys Chen 7-5 and survived a double hill match against Meshak Daniel (son of Adrian). Turner drew Tony Ignomirello, who'd defeated Jonathan Smith 7-5 and Bob Mammarello 7-2. Culhane downed Glazebrook 7-2, as Ignomirello ended Turner's day 7-3. Culhane took the quarterfinal match over Ignomirello that followed 8-4, but gave way to Mendoza in the semifinals 7-3.

Mendoza took the extended race-to-11 finals 11-7 over the senior Daniel to take home his second, amateur Predator title.