Mental Toughness Products for Serious Pool Players

Hey pool players, I want to let you know about two exciting pool teaching tools that can help you take your game to the next level.  Working in the field of sport psychology, I have helped thousands of athletes (including countless numbers of pool players) master the mental game of sports, allowing them to play with confidence and better mind-body synchrony while overcoming nerves and anxiety.  What this allows athletes to do is play IN THE ZONE on a regular basis, which leads to WINNING MORE GAMES!

I am very excited to bring to you the new Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Success in Pool DVD!  

This DVD includes all my best professional advice, tips, and strategies designed to help you immediately improve your confidence, focus, concentration, and mental toughness – and you can learn all these skills in under an hour's time!  

In addition to the new DVD, last year I launched the world's first mental toughness app for the iphone (The Sport Performance Assessment – Pool)

The app sells for about the price of a cup of coffee ($1.99), and is a great way for you to test your current mental toughness, learn specific skills to improve your mental toughness, and monitor your progress for as long as you play pool!  By using the Sport Performance Assessment – Pool you will be learning the very same skills and strategies I teach clients I work with --- at only a fraction of the cost!

Don't lose another game because of nerves, loss of confidence, or poor focus – take control of the table by mastering the mental game of pool! 

Why continue to beat yourself up, and miss shots in clutch situations that you know you can make?  You already know how to make most of the shots you see on the table, but it's your NERVES and ANXIETY that prevent you from winning the games you need to when faced with pressure.  This DVD will teach you how to dominate your competition when faced with those situations!

Get started now by picking up your copies of both the Sport Performance Assessment – POOL and Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Success in Pool (DVD)!