Merry Christmas From My Pool School

Once again, America’s joyous Christmas season is upon us and with it comes the fun but hectic job of buying gifts for all your favorite people. Whether you are scurrying from store to store, or buying online, or even going to one store and buying everything you need for everyone on the afternoon of December 24th, it’s a lot of fun.

Almost every league player wishes he or she had a better cue stick and Christmas is the best time to think about that $400 or $500 Pechauer or Jacoby Cue because your spouse or significant other is much more likely to have slightly looser pursestrings during the Christmas season than any other time of the year. The look and feel of a new cue stick always seems to improve your game, even thought it may be more mental than anything else, and improving your game is something every player wants for Christmas.

If you have never had a lesson from a good certified instructor, you should give it a try. There is a huge difference between letting your friends help you and getting good lessons from somebody that knows what they’re doing. There are qualified instructors all over the country that can bring your game up to a new level and believe me, nothing makes you feel better than seeing and feeling your game go up a few notches.

You might even consider bringing a good instructor into your area for group lessons with your friends and/or teammates.

Another great Christmas item you might want is a good instructional DVD that will improve your game no matter what level you’re at. There are many good ones out there and I’m happy to say that my DVD set turned out to be one of the best. There are three DVDs in the set and more than 4 1/2 hours of great pool information that will really help your game. It makes a great gift for you or your favorite pool player. Please check out my DVD set at or you can order by phone at 608-279-9994.

Wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas and remember the one great secret of pool — never over cut a ball. There is one more secret, but you have to figure that one out yourself.

Good luck — Jerry